The doctor, an English blonde woman, gave me two choices: I could take the super new drugs, with virtually no side effects, for 3 months, until I felt stable enough to get on with my life. Or I could try therapy and "reeducate the way I see life and the world." Or, if necessary, I could have both. All free of charge, a gift from the enlightened British government. I said, Can I think about it? She said, Call me in a week's time.

I don't think I'll be going back there anytime soon.


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queen-mab said...

I ve gotta tell you made the right choice not going back there, the whole NHS system is so Victorian and Old...ridicoulous. Hospitals here in London scare the hell out of me.It s the only thing in London that scares me to death is the thought of getting serious ill and having to be treated by those "non english speakers" doctos with an awful accent, my doctor doesnt talk, she mumbles...argh!