beauty contest

Since I've decided not to work for anybody else unless on a short term, temporary basis, strictly for cash, I get whatever comes my way. So tomorrow, I'll be at the door of the only tolerable Brazilian club in London as hostess for the Miss and Mister Brazil UK 2008 contest. I know. Isn't it wonderfully ironic, though? One of my bests is going to be the stage presenter, and I'll be also acting as her stylist and speech writer. Ain't I a little crackerjack. Je sais.


and I heard today: "why aren't you competing, darlin'?" HÁ! That was a good one. Surely the guy was out of it on champagne. Damn good foundation, that Kate Moss' one, though. Will be paying a visit soon to a Rimmel's counter at Boots to stock up.


ps: i'm totally pro-blogging these days, I had no idea how much I missed it. So expect tons of silly little posts like this one showing up on a screen near you.

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Carol said...

cool, bring it on. let's blog.