books and languages

"Adora Svitak loves to read and write. Over the past 18 months she has had a 296-page book published and written 400 short stories and nearly 100 poems. Typing at 80 words a minute, she has produced 370,000 words while reading up to three books a day. The last novel she finished was Voltaire's Candide. Not bad for an eight-year-old."

Gosh. And I thought I was an avid reader. But hey, I had a huge pile of comic books when I was 6.


"Almost two in three Britons are unable to speak a language other than English, in effect the worst record in Europe."

Right. Like this is even news. Wouldn't want to know what the results of a research in America would be. From all my British colleagues (I don't think I actually have proper British friends), none of them ever thought about learning another language. It's always the same: "English is the most spoken language in the world! Why should I bother?" Funnily enough, most of my foreign friends are in the grips of learning a third or fourth language now. Yes, people, learning another language is fun!

ps: nevermind that I just dropped out of my weekly French class. Too many things in my head at the moment. But i promise I will compensate as soon as I hand in my bloody dissertation.

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