we've got culture

As they say, you've got to be distant to understand the value of what belongs to you. Or that is how my life has been characterised so far. I've said that on my MA personal statement, and I see even better now how true this is after the Barbican decided to bring the Tropicália movement to its headquarters. Only by being away from home that I came to understand how rich and groundbreaking my own culture is. LCC News recently sent me there to review the exhibition, and frankly, I've felt ashamed that I, as a Brazilian citizen, born and bred in the tropical land itself, don't know much about my own culture. It took the British to teach me the importance of it. And I'm truly amazed at the artwork, the music, the philosophy behind it, the films. Last week I download the album Tropicália ou Panis et Circenses, and even though I practically know all the songs, for the first time I've enjoyed it and understood why they were important. I was wrong when I said Brazilians don't have any culture. We do. We just don't appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Kuenda só onde vim cair... Voltou a escrever, nega? Adooooiro! E a nota sobra a Mana Caetana? Loka ela, nao? :P
E fodam-se as celebrities. Raul S. B. Aguilera

Thais Mendes said...

voRtei a escrever! to estudando blogs pra minha monografia, tinha mais era que reavivar esse aqui ne'?

volte sempre! :)